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I have a project wherein I have to develop a GUI, this will to display pressure areas of a foot...
Is it possible using visual c++, and if not then what is a better option...???
Richard MacCutchan 10-Jan-13 9:10am
All things are possible in software, but you need to be more specific about your question if you want some help. If you wish to use Windows Forms then you may find C# or VB.NET are better language choices.
qPCR4vir 10-Jan-13 9:18am
And how do you mix c++ and VB?????
Richard MacCutchan 10-Jan-13 9:24am
qPCR4vir 10-Jan-13 9:28am
You can easy mix C++ and C++/CLI, using VC++
Richard MacCutchan 10-Jan-13 9:36am
qPCR4vir 10-Jan-13 9:40am
If you program in native C++ using VC++ you have WindForm for CLI with is easy to use.
suramrit 11-Jan-13 1:26am
As an internship project i have to develop a GUI for foot strain measuring sensors.. The GUI shd have a real time display of graphs, pressure areas of foot etc..
If (If Not then whats a better one?? :| ) windows form application a good way to go about it, then which is better c# or c++ also any good reference links where I can learn more about windows form application development that is similar to kind of GUI I have to develop..
Any Help wud be great.....
Richard MacCutchan 11-Jan-13 3:42am
See my answer below.
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Solution 2

Without knowing your skill levels it is difficult to answer the question. If you are an experienced C++ programmer then I would stick with that language and use native Windows GDI[^] or GDI+[^] to produce your graphs and pictures. If you have some C# or VB.NET skills then Windows Forms would probably be the better choice.

There are lots of samples in the CodeProject Articles section[^].
suramrit 11-Jan-13 5:29am
I have basic knowledge of OOP concepts using c++,honestly speaking, no prior experience with c#. But as I read more on c#,I feel I might be able to do this on windows form...
Richard MacCutchan 11-Jan-13 5:36am
I suspect you will need considerably more than basic knowledge for this project. I would suggest you spend time getting comfortable with whichever language you decide to use, and then make use of the tutorials and articles here to help you plan and implement it.
suramrit 11-Jan-13 5:47am
Any books/reference for windows form application dev using c#....
PS and by the ease of availability of resources c# seems to be a better option....
Richard MacCutchan 11-Jan-13 6:03am
I gave you the link to the CodeProject articles section, you need to go and browse it, or try some searches. See also this section of MSDN. And Google also finds lots of useful stuff.
suramrit 11-Jan-13 6:08am
Thanx.. the thread seems to be resolved as of now.. thnx to you..
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Solution 1

Yes, it is possible to write a C++ program and have a GUI in C++/CLI, or enterely program with C++/CLI.

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