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'create empty string
        Dim the_html_file As String = String.Empty

        Dim stylesheet As String = "  table.gridtable {margin:0 auto;width:95%;overflow:auto;font-family: helvetica,arial,sans-serif;"
        stylesheet &= "font-size:14px;color:#333333;border-width: 1px;border-color: #666666;border-collapse: collapse;text-align: center}"
        stylesheet &= "table.gridtable th {border-width: 1px;padding: 8px; border-style: solid;border-color: #666666;background-color: #F6B4A5;}"
        stylesheet &= "table.gridtable td {border-width: 1px;padding: 8px;border-style: solid;border-color: #666666;}"

        the_html_file = "<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><meta charset='UTF-8'><title>Cadet List</title><style>" & stylesheet & "</style></head><body>"

        the_html_file &= "<table class='gridtable'>"
        the_html_file &= "<thead><tr>"

        'get the column headers
        For Each column As DataGridViewColumn In grid.Columns
            the_html_file = the_html_file & "<th>" & column.HeaderText & "</th>"

        the_html_file = the_html_file & "</tr></thead><tbody>"

        'get the rows
        For Each row As DataGridViewRow In grid.Rows
            the_html_file &= "<tr>"
            'get the cells
            For Each cell As DataGridViewCell In row.Cells

                Dim cellcontent As String = cell.FormattedValue
                'replace < and > with html entities
                cellcontent = Replace(cellcontent, "<", "<")
                cellcontent = Replace(cellcontent, ">", ">")

                'using inline styles for column 1
                'If cell.ColumnIndex = 1 Then
                '    the_html_file = the_html_file & "<td style=color:white;background-color:red;font-weight:bold>" & cellcontent & "</td>"
                '    the_html_file = the_html_file & "<td>" & cellcontent & "</td>"
                'End If

                'no inline styles
                the_html_file = the_html_file & "<td>" & cellcontent & "</td>"

            the_html_file &= "</tr>"

        the_html_file &= "</tbody></table></body></html>"

        'write the file
        My.Computer.FileSystem.WriteAllText("C:\Users\staff\Documents\cadetlist.html", the_html_file, False)

        'pass file to default browser
        Dim pinfo As New ProcessStartInfo()
        pinfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Normal
        pinfo.FileName = "C:\Users\staff\Documents\cadetlist.html"
        Dim p As Process = Process.Start(pinfo)

So here is my code all I want to do is save the file to the current users desktop or documents. I have searched everywhere and tried many solutions.

What I have tried:

I have tried to search online for the answer but nothing has worked.
Updated 3-Feb-23 7:49am

This CodeProject article Getting All "Special Folders" via VB.NET[^] will enable you to get the actual name of the folder you want to save to then use something like
My.Computer.FileSystem.WriteAllText(userDocFolder & "\cadetlist.html", the_html_file, False)
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Maciej Los 19-Dec-19 7:25am    
CHill60 19-Dec-19 9:47am    
Thank you!
corporallawson 19-Dec-19 7:46am    
You Sir, are a saviour. Thank you very much.
CHill60 19-Dec-19 9:47am    
My pleasure!
file ///c /users/user/desktop/test page/yusif.html
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