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I am calling cross domain from an iFrame, passing username and password from iFrame to cross domain. in cross domain aspx page i got username and password and can set/get session value. Now when I am calling a .ASHX handler from the aspx page, Session values are not being retrieved from handler. it giving null reference error.

What I have tried:

I have used IRequiresSessionState.

--The scenario is happening in iOS safari browser only, rest are working fine.

How to resolve?
Updated 27-Dec-19 2:42am

1 solution

So it looks like iOS Safari is not liking the code that seems to work everywhere else. The best way to find out what it doesn't like then would be to use whatever version of "developer tools" the browser has to see if a script is not being loaded or a component of the iFrame, or something completely different like a problem with cross-domain cookie access.

If it is a cross-domain issue, then it is not unique to you, as S/O has a few questions on this topic also.... I would suggest you read through these and their linked resources to see if one of the presented solutions will work for you.
1: p3p - safari does not allowed cross-domain cookies in iframe - Stack Overflow[^]
2: javascript - Setting cross-domain cookies in Safari - Stack Overflow[^]
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