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The idea is that i`ve got a database and and application, the application loads data into the database but the problem is that I often get duplicate values, so before i added the values to the database i want to browse all records in the DB and see if any record matches the line i want to add. I want to compare theese 3 strings with the first 3 collumns of every row in my databale. How do I do that?

string third = array[0];
string first = array[1];
string second = array[2];

string vudz = "SELECT name,lastname,dob FROM players";

NpgsqlDataAdapter npgsqldataadapter1 = new NpgsqlDataAdapter(new NpgsqlCommand(vudz, conection));
DataRow drow = datatable11.NewRow();

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Updated 10-Jan-13 7:54am
Jibesh 10-Jan-13 14:00pm    
Your question and your sample doesnt match. but with the information you can try select statement with where query. can you also elaborate your question
[no name] 10-Jan-13 14:17pm    
If the three rows match what do you want to do with the record you are inserting? It might be easier to do this at the database level

1 solution

Why not just run a query:

using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(strConnect))
    using (SqlCommand com = new SqlCommand("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM players WHERE [name]=@AR1 AND lastname=@AR2 AND dob=@AR3", con))
        com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@AR1", first);
        com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@AR2", second);
        com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@AR3", third);
        if( com.ExecuteScalar > 0)
            // It exists already
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