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I using swashbuckle v 5.6.0 for api documentation and ui for test in web api2. 
I do not want give ability for the user to post data from swagger ui in production.
How do I disable it?

What I have tried:

               .EnableSwagger(c =>
                   c.Schemes(new[] { "http", "https" });
                   c.SingleApiVersion("v1", ""Demo API");
              .EnableSwaggerUi(c =>
Updated 19-Jun-22 5:45am

Have you looked into there GIT repository and read this issue?
Disabling swagger ui · Issue #301 · domaindrivendev/Swashbuckle · GitHub[^]
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If you are using NET framework (any version capable of having swagger)

in you web.config,

1. create a new key called IsSwaggerEnabled and set it to true

    <add key="IsSwaggerEnabled" value="true" />

2. If you installed swagger from nuget package already, then you have the (*\App_Start\SwaggerConfig.cs)

in there find the Register() method and add code as the following

public static void Register()
         var thisAssembly = typeof(SwaggerConfig).Assembly;

         // if key in config does not exist we set it to true
         // you can play to make it always false ***
         bool isSwaggerEnabled = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["IsSwaggerEnabled"] != null ?
             bool.Parse(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["IsSwaggerEnabled"]) : true;

         // if swagger is not enabled we don't even bother to config it,
         // therefor will be disabled, and you don't have to worry about it.
         if (!isSwaggerEnabled)

             .EnableSwagger(c =>

 // code below removed for readability
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