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getting syntax error : Incorrect syntax near '('

What I have tried:

Select distinct ls.lot_ID, ls.product_ID, ls.product_name, ls.current_step, m.RdmMaterialName,f.RouteName,MTTS
From [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].LotStatus ls
Left Join [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].Material m on product_name=m.Name and m.RdmMaterialName is not null
left join [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].[Route] f on m.RdmMaterialName=f.MaterialName
left join (Select cast(sum( k.CycleTime)/86400 as decimal (10,2) ) as CycleTime from [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].[Vertex] k where k.RouteName = RouteName
and k.Sequence > (SELECT Sequence
FROM [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].[Vertex] v right join [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].[LotStatus] on v.StepName=current_step and v.RouteName=k.RouteName
group by v.RouteName,Sequence)) as cast (decimal(18,1)) as MTTS
Updated 5 days ago

1 solution

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Solution 1

With you formatting cleaned up, sub-queries indented, and capitalizing keywords to make them stand out, it becomes pretty obvious that you've got mismatched paranthesis:
SELECT distinct ls.lot_ID
     , ls.product_ID
     , ls.product_name
     , ls.current_step
     , m.RdmMaterialName
     , f.RouteName
     , MTTS
FROM [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].LotStatus AS ls
LEFT JOIN [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].Material AS M
ON product_name=m.Name AND m.RdmMaterialName IS NOT NULL
LEFT JOIN [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].[Route] AS F
ON m.RdmMaterialName=f.MaterialName
	SELECT (SUM(k.CycleTime)/86400 AS decimal(10,2)) AS CycleTime
	FROM [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].[Vertex] AS K
	WHERE k.RouteName = RouteName AND k.Sequence > (
		SELECT Sequence
		FROM [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].[Vertex] AS v
		RIGHT JOIN [MMY_MFG_WIP].[dbo].[LotStatus]
		ON v.StepName=current_step AND v.RouteName=k.RouteName
		GROUP BY v.RouteName, Sequence
) AS CAST (decimal(18,1)
) as MTTS

What's going on with the last couple of lines of the query? You've got an open parenthesis starting at the LEFT JOIN, but two close parenthesis at the end of the query.
Richard MacCutchan 5 days ago
Dave, there was a spam message below which contained your full name. So, if you suddenly find your messages are getting trapped by the spam filter you know why.
Dave Kreskowiak 5 days ago
That's cute. :(

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