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I am using MFC vc++ dialogbased application.
on my dialog i have supposed 3 comboboxs with 3 strings and 9 editcontrol
such as
c1.... E11 E21 E31
c2 .... E12 E22 E32
c3..... E13 E23 E33

Whenever i have select "a" string from combo box 'c1' it should populate E11 E21 E31 field value as "abc, bcd, edc" respectively same for c2 and c3 but diffrent strings values should populate. I know which string for which editboxs.
How I can do it? Thank you in advance..
Jibesh 10-Jan-13 18:39pm    
It's not that tough to do that. subscribe for Combo Change event and get the selected item text. any effort made on this so far ?
peoria123 14-Jan-13 14:02pm    
Thankss for your solution..I know the basic problem is..for each combobox have 25 strings , 20 combobox on the dialog box..the selction of string is not fixed for all comboboxs i can select string a,b,c..or anything from 25 strings. it should populate corresponding strings into edit boxes. e.g for "a" selection populatin string would be x,y,z for selection "b" strings are z,m,n etc..i have to populate editbox fields depending on selected string how i can do that?

Check this link [^]on how to use ComboBox control in MFC. A step by step tutorial.
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Handle the change event on the combo box, and react to it. Pretty basic stuff. Why are you a beginner in MFC, in 2013 ? Do people still use MFC and C++ ? C# is way better.
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