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I am new to PDF creation and I am following the existing code to create a pdf file. I am amending the existing code by creating a new pdf.

From the list of the documents, I am looping through each document and give it a new name.

How do I create a new PDF file every time I iterate or loop through the documents list?

resultCollection - Got the list of the documents

currentCompanySegmentsSetings - An object with the details

creatingTableOfContent - table content

What I have tried

What I have tried:

 foreach (var item in resultCollection)
                        var guidID = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
                        var newFileName = $"{currentCompanySegmentsSetings.FriendlySegmentName}-{Translator.TranslateDocumentType("invoice", currentCompanySegmentsSetings).ToLower()}-{guidID}-{message.documents.First().AccountNumber}.pdf";

                        //Create PDF's and send to the location
                        var firstDocsMetadata = resultCollection.First().MetaData;
                        string generatedPDFLocation = System.IO.Path.Combine(currentOutputDirectory, newFileName);

                        var file = DocumentsToPDFDocs(financialDocument);
                        PdfDocument pdfDoc = new PdfDocument(new PdfWriter(generatedPDFLocation, CreateEncryptionWriteProperties()));
                        Document doc = new Document(pdfDoc);

                        doc.SetMargins(22f, 22f, 22f, 22f);

                        //1.Create table of contents 
                        var tableOfContentTopMargin = 176;
                        Table tableOfContent = creatingTableOfContent(file, currentCompanySegmentsSetings);
                        tableOfContent.SetDestination("p" + "index");
//NOt sure how I can continue from here

                        message.FinancialDocumentAttachments.Add(new MessageQueueAttachment()
                            Location = documentPath,
                            IsNew = true,
                            Id = Guid.NewGuid()
Updated 16-Jan-20 5:40am

1 solution

For Each file in the list
  Create new PDF
  Add contents
  Save (As)
End For

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