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Hi All,

I am very new into Azure DevOps. I have been assigned a task of automating build process of an on-going C# windows application. I can be able to create a new pipeline for build process but I can see that I have to choose GIT as the repository source.

I cannot be able to choose my own local project folder as the repository, not even from VS IDE.

I want to know:

1. If we can put windows applications in Azure Devops or whether it should be web based apps only?

2. Is it possible to choose VS project folder as repository source directly or GIT is the only medium?

3. If GIT is the only medium, then how can I link my VS project folder to GIT, such that every time I update any code in VS, the GIT should get auto updated.

Thanks All.

What I have tried:

I have created a demo windows application in VS, named as "SampleProj".

I have also created my own demo organization in Azure devops and also created a new project named as "Sample Project" and then trying to choose my VS project folder as the repository source and got stuck.
Gerry Schmitz 19-Jan-20 0:08am    
A "project" is not a "repository". A repository is local and / or remote and houses the projects / code. In your case, chose the path of least resistance, whether you like it or not. Change later when you get the hang of it.
Member 11072126 19-Jan-20 3:32am    
In repos section I need to choose the repository path, where it is asking me to choose any GIT repository path. So, how to link my VS project folder to this repository GIT path?
Shanalal Kasim 20-Jan-20 5:53am    
Member 11072126 21-Jan-20 1:10am    
Okay. Thanks to all for your responses.
Let me share the updates what I tried more and what I found:
1. I got the project files into repository by cloning git link and also created pipelines but the build is getting failed saying "cannot find solution file", which is quite natural because I had added the .gitignore file within the project folder (C:/Projects/WinFormsProj/WinFormsProj/) whereas the solution file is located in the path -> (C:/Projects/WinFormsProj/WinFormsProj.sln)

2. So, I thought of creating .gitignore file in the path (C:/Projects/WinFormsProj/) where the solution file resides. First of all, this time I created .gitignore file from Azure Devops repos section, but cannot find the file anywhere into my project folder. Secondly, when am trying to run the command "git add .", it is throwing errors:
error: open(".vs/WinFormsProj/v15/Server/sqlite3/db.lock"): Permission denied
error: unable to index file '.vs/WinFormsProj/v15/Server/sqlite3/db.lock'
fatal: adding files failed

Am not understanding the exact steps need to be done for this repository part and not even getting any proper tutorial for this too.

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