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I am created illustrator plugin in c++. I want to call SOAP web service in plugin.
i am trying bellow code but not getting responce.

What I have tried:


		hr = pXMLHTTPReq->open("POST","http://localhost/Service1.asmx",false,"","");
		hr = pXMLHTTPReq->setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml; charset=utf-8");
		hr = pXMLHTTPReq->setRequestHeader("SOAPAction", "");

		string strSoapEnvelope = "";
		strSoapEnvelope = "";
		strSoapEnvelope += "<soap:envelope";
 strsoapenvelope="" +="xmlns:xsi=\" http:="""" 2001="" xmlschema-instance\"";
="" http="" :="" xmlschema\"";
="""" soap="" envelope="" \"="">";
		strSoapEnvelope += "<soap:body>";
		strSoapEnvelope += "<validateillustratoruser xmlns="\"\"">";
		strSoapEnvelope += "<userid>A";
		strSoapEnvelope += "<password>A";
		strSoapEnvelope += "";
		strSoapEnvelope += "";
		strSoapEnvelope += "";
		hr = pXMLHTTPReq->send(&strSoapEnvelope);
		string outXML = pXMLHTTPReq->responseText;
Updated 20-Jan-20 20:45pm

1 solution

There is an Article on Code Project that does similar task and it also contains sample code as well. Try it

WebService Call From VC++6.0[^]

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