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I convert PDF to images and set the dpi to 300 but the vertical and horizontal resolution values always default to 120 I am using version 9.26
This is how I do it:
Is there a way to set it differently?

What I have tried:

<pre>       Image pdf2PNG = rasterizer.GetPage(xDpi,yDpi, pageNumber);

                    //save the png's
                    pdf2PNG.Save(outputPNGPath, ImageFormat.Tiff);

Also tried:
Updated 9-Feb-20 11:59am
Gerry Schmitz 10-Feb-20 10:55am    
I think you confusing printer DPI with screen DPI (96 and 120).
AskalotLearnalot 10-Feb-20 11:05am    
Either way it should be set to 300 if I specify. and now it is always 96 . pdf2PNG vertical and horizontal resolution = 96
Richard Deeming 11-Feb-20 8:50am    
It looks like you're using Ghostscript.NET[^] - you might have better luck posting an issue on GitHub, where the author of the library can see it.
AskalotLearnalot 11-Feb-20 9:51am    
I did thank you for the Idea and being always helpful.

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