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I'm attempting to make an instant messaging system of sorts for me and my friend to be able to communicate fairly quickly/easily. I'm fairly certain I'd have to use html, but I'd rather use javascript or batch to make a program. If I were to use HTML, however, how might I be able to compile the html code as well as the resources (storing passwords) into one .html file? Also I'm not sure how I'd get the two computers to be able to communicate.

The question is titled html instant messaging because I was thinking about coding it as a .html file that I could just send to my friends, so it would be like a shortcut to a webpage of sorts, rather than having to install it. The only problem with this is that I think both users would have to be online for one to message the other (if this is remotely possible). If not, then I was thinking of having it act similarly to a batch or cmd file, which I would like more, because I'm used to using batch more than html.

Where I'm At:
I've taught myself batch coding, as well as some javascript, and I'm attempting to learn html. I know very few ins and outs as far as how html works, though. I'm much more familiar with javascript and batch, but as far as those two are concerned, I've been coding batch since I was about 9, and javascript since I was about 12. What years I do have under my belt, however, are somewhat botched, because I stop every now and again and forget about it for a while.

What I have tried:

I haven't tried anything yet, I'm simply brainstorming at the moment. Convincing the two computers to want to communicate is the biggest problem I have. Once I tackle that, I feel like it'd be pretty much a walk in the park to make some sort of hidden passwords database. I'm thinking of it as something that's similar to discord, but I want it to look more like the cmd window on windows. Any suggestions?
Updated 12-Feb-20 23:28pm

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Solution 2

HTML on its own will not do anything useful for you, as it is only a presentation language. What you need is a web server which allows two logged in accounts to communicate by sending messages. However, this is not the sort of application you can throw together in a couple of afternoons, and it does not sound as though you have the experience you need yet. If you are serious about learning development then there are plenty of online tutorials to get you started. In the meantime I suggest you both sign up to whatsapp.
silverBullet.88 13-Feb-20 16:00pm
If you could maybe point me in the right direction, then? I don't give up easily.
Richard MacCutchan 14-Feb-20 5:08am
As I already said, you need to start studying programming in general and decide which language to learn. You also need to understand the Windows, UNIX and/or Linux operating systems (Android is a version of Linux). And finally how computers communicate through networks.

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