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Hello everyone.
This code below is used to block run certain applications. It works, but to make the effect visible you need to restart the machine.

I would like to do this without having to restart the machine.
How can I do this without a restart?

Is there a possibility of reboot machine without restarting?
Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

private void blockRunApp()
             Registry.SetValue("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Policies\\Explorer", "DisallowRun", 1);

            Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey rkey;
            rkey = Microsoft.Win32.Registry.CurrentUser.CreateSubKey("SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Policies\\Explorer\\DisallowRun");
            rkey.SetValue("Appname", "App.exe");

Updated 13-Feb-20 23:25pm

1 solution

Is there a possibility of reboot machine without restarting?
No. Rebooting means restarting the whole operating system, or the whole hardware it runs on.
Member 10410972 14-Feb-20 6:18am
OK thanks. Is there another way to block run certain applications using c# ?
OriginalGriff 14-Feb-20 6:45am
No - the problem is that the "don't run list" is read from the registry at startup, not every time you start a process. So no reboot == not known to the OS.

Also be aware that this won't work for everything: it's ignored for Services, and also anything that uses RUNDLL32 to start instead of a "standard EXE" - and that some virus and trojans do exactly that to avoid detection.

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