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how can i convert from char to char[] i can pass char[] value only to my function but the value i am retrieving is in char

What I have tried:

while (cDriveLetter <= 'Z')
		if (0 < (dwDrivemap & 0x00000001L))
		/*  char *p;
		  p = new char[1];
		  p= cDriveLetter;*/
		   char arr[] = cDriveLetter;
		  if (getfil((void*)arr) == 0)
			//printf("%c:\\\n", cDriveLetter);
			//return cDriveLetter;
		dwDrivemap = dwDrivemap >> 1;
Updated 17-Feb-20 8:05am
CPallini 18-Feb-20 3:45am    
Please show the getfil function implementation.

1 solution

char arr[] = &cDriveletter;
char arr[2];
arr[0] = cDriveLetter;
arr[1] = '\0';
And then pass arr to your function.
The latter is safer as it allocates the space for the char and a trailing null to terminate a "C-style" string. The former will work if getfil only uses the first character of the array passed to it.
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Stefan_Lang 18-Feb-20 2:28am    
Since getfil() uses its argument to initialise a string, you need a 0-terminated C string as input. Use OriginalGriff's second suggestion and that part of your code should work fine.

If there is any other issue than this, you should explain that more clearly. Moreover, this kind of unformatted codedump is a pain to read. If you need further help, I strongly suggest you update your original question using the [Improve Question] button at the lower right of your question.

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