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How to export particular column values which does not have header to datagrid


dta = New OleDbDataAdapter("Select * from [linexcel$])


How can I specify the column(column B and D) instead of '*'. It does not have constant header.


What I have tried:

dta = New OleDbDataAdapter("Select  A1 from [linexcel$])
Updated 13-Mar-20 13:53pm
Richard MacCutchan 4-Mar-20 7:01am
I have tried a number of combinations based on suggestions provided by Google, but have not got a working solution. I suggest you just use the standard SELECT * construct and extract the fields you want manually. Alternatively you could look into using the Excel Interop features if you have Office installed.

Use this:
Select  [F1] As ColumnA, [F2] AS ColumnB from [linexcel$]
My Suggestion is using the EPP DLL for doing this is using the epp library gotten from github here

GitHub - JanKallman/EPPlus: Create advanced Excel spreadsheets using .NET[^]

reference their website is here

Features - EPPlus Software[^]

using the .net framework you can pull up their packages via Nuget

A basic Example lies here

Getting Started · EPPlusSoftware/EPPlus Wiki · GitHub[^]
Richard Deeming 4-Mar-20 14:43pm
It's a shame that EPPlus is moving to a noncommercial licence. I can understand why they're doing it, but I guess it means we'll have to be more careful about recommending it in future - if it costs money to use, then a recommendation could be seen as spam.
MarcusCole6833 4-Mar-20 15:04pm
Thank you for that!!
Run initial select statement to obtain column names
dta = New OleDbDataAdapter("Select * from [linexcel$])
Dim tbl As New DataTable

' Column B and D would would be at index 1 & 3 respectively
Dim ColBName As String = tbl.Columns(1).ColumnName
Dim ColDName As String = tbl.Columns(3).ColumnName
dta  = New OleDbDataAdapter("Select " & ColBName & "," & ColDName & "  from [linexcel$]"

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