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We have our fingerprint device which is working properly as USB device. 

Data capturing works fine with our proprietary application.

Currently we are using custom vendor USB class for driver development.

When we plug this device, this device is listed in "Universial Serial Bus Controller" catagories in Windows Device Manager.

We want to use Windows Biometric Framework for the same device to achieve Windows Biometric login.

I understand that, we need to write WBDI compitible driver but I have query related to fingerprint device hardware.

We are targeting Windows 7 and later operating systems.

Will there be any changes required in hardware to work with WBDI driver ?

What I have tried:

I have read about MSDN documentation about WBF and I have basic understanding about WBF.
Updated 9-Mar-20 1:40am

1 solution

When reading the Microsoft Biometric Devices Design Guide the framework will work starting with Windows 7 up to 10. So it should work.

But take care when choosing the device class because of its implications. Check out the sample code provided by Microsoft. Test its on all Windows versions and you may be ready for your project.

In reality always some testing and fine tuning may be needed. My advice is to finish every project phase with the complete test scenarios. If the are running smooth it is wise spend time, else you detect problems early and can find them easily.
Member 11819551 12-Mar-20 6:25am
Thanks KarstenK for your reply.

I have tried to compile UMDF 1 sample driver(

I changed hardware Id in .inf file. I have made only this change and created driver package.

I have signed this driver and Adapter dll with self sign certificate.

I am able to install driver successfully. But when i check event log whether biometric unit is successfully created or not i observe below logs. i tried to solve this issue but not able to solve.

1. The Windows Biometric Service successfully created a Biometric Unit for sensor: MFS500 (USB\VID_2C0F&PID_1100\2213B3EA4270)

The sensor's mode is "Basic," its pool-type is "System," and it's isolated in a "Local System" process.

See the "Details" pane for additional information about the sensor's new configuration.

2. The Windows Biometric Service failed to transfer private sensor type information to the matching engine: MFS500 (USB\VID_2C0F&PID_1100\2213B3EA4270).

The "Sensor Adapter" failed with error: 0x80098036

See the "Details" pane for information about the failing configuration.

3. The Windows Biometric Service failed to load an adapter binary: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WINBIOPLUGINS\ENGINEADAPTER.DLL.

The module was not properly signed.
Girish601 24-Dec-21 6:36am
Is this issue solved ?
I am getting similar issue with Egis Sensor on Windows 11.

Any help or feedback would be helpful.

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