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I'm trying to draw a custom dashed line, but I want to put an image inside of this dashed line. The orientation of my line is variable.

The aircraft in the middle of the line is an image. I don't want to draw a line, draw the image, and draw another line, because i've got a dynamic angle calculated with an arcTan. The X length is fix and known, the Y red Line can change.

What I have tried:

I tried to draw a line, draw the image, and draw another line but it's not perfect, because of the variable angle.

That's a part of my code :

Image aircraftLogo = Image.FromFile(PATH);//aircraft Logo

decimal arctanValue = Decimal.Divide(X, Y);
                double aircraftLogoRotation = -Math.Atan(Convert.ToDouble(arctanValue)) * (180 / Math.PI);

                float moveX = aircraftLogo.Width / 2f  + X;
                float moveY = aircraftLogo.Height / 2f + Y;
                g.TranslateTransform(moveX, moveY);
                g.TranslateTransform(-moveX, -moveY);
                g.DrawImage(aicraftLogo, X, Y, width, Height);

I'm a beginner in C#.
Thanks for your help.
Updated 12-Mar-20 3:16am

1 solution

You know the rotation of the aircraft, you know the location you are going to put it - you've worked those out. And you know how big it is.

So draw the whole line as one item, then draw a background colour over the "middle bit" where you are going to put the plane to erase a chunk of the line, then draw the plane.
Result: a dashed line with a plane in it...

The other solution is to draw your lines horizontally onto a Bitmap, draw the plane horizontally between them, then then rotate that image to draw it onto your graphics context.
Maciej Los 12-Mar-20 8:10am
Mineodo68 12-Mar-20 9:14am
It works, thanks a lot !
OriginalGriff 12-Mar-20 9:28am
You're welcome!

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