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customers named Jones are not taking a loan anymore

i have tried a query but when i try removing from loan table its not working.

What I have tried:

from take t,loan l
where exists (select c.cust_name from customer c where c.cust_id=t.cust_id and c.cust_name='Jones')
Updated 15-Mar-20 5:08am
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Solution 2

Remember what I have answered earlier...
1. that you should use the subquery to validate that the correct items would be updated?
2. you need to do some more research on how EXIST works
These apply here as well...

Using this is just asking for trouble... IF for some reason this would work it will delete ALL entries in the Take and Loan tables IF there is a customer names 'Jones'.
WHERE Exists (
  SELECT c.cust_name
  FROM   customer c
  WHERE  c.cust_id = t.cust_id
  AND    c.cust_name='Jones'
What you actually want to do is to select all of the loan numbers for that one customer...

What I would do is to relocate that JOIN into the subquery to find all of the Loan Numbers
SELECT     t.Loan_Number
FROM       Take     t
INNER JOIN Customer c ON t.Cust_ID = c.CustID
WHERE      c.cust_name='Jones'
And then use this as a subquery to delete all of the loans first...
WHERE  Loan_Number IN (
  -- subquery 
This should have removed all of the Loan entries...

Now as a follow up, remove the entries from the Take table which was used to bridge the Customers to their Loans.
  FROM   Customer
  WHERE  Cust_Name='Jones'
WHERE loan_number IN (SELECT t.loan_number
FROM take t JOIN customer c ON c.cust_ID=t.cust_ID
WHERE c.cust_name='Jones')

something like this ?
MadMyche 15-Mar-20 11:27am
I didnt populate it so that you would (1) have a framework to use and (2) didnt want to type it again
its giving me an error :
ORA-02292: integrity constraint (SYS.FK_LOAN_TAKE) violated - child record found
MadMyche 15-Mar-20 11:57am
This is the sign of a Foreign Key constraint; it looks like there may be another reference to that Loan
Yes a last table called branch(branch_name,branch_city,assets)
MadMyche 15-Mar-20 12:15pm
Then you would need to delete those subordinated entries first.
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Solution 1

Why would you expect that to work?

It should logically either delete no records, or all of them, depending on whether your SELECT returns any rows or not - it doesn't tie the tables together in any meaningful way.
Start by looking at SELECTING rows instead of deleting them - it's quicker then restoring you DB after each test run - and look for a double JOIN that returns the right data from the take and loan tables associated with the right IDs from the customer table.

When that works, change it to a DELETE.
i tried a select query with join , still i cannot figure out how to convert it to delete

select c.cust_name,c.cust_id,l.loan_number
from customer c
join take t on c.cust_id=t.cust_id
join loan l on l.loan_number=t.loan_number
where c.cust_name = 'Smith'

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