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Great programmers, i am having a hard time trying to parse a Json string so as to extract from it some value. i really need this because i want to include it in my app.
Please help me out.. i am just new to JSON parsing because of this..
I want to extract the value of "address" , "txes_total", "confirmed".
Everything i tried did not work even copying code from youtube and through google search yield no result.
Here is the JSON code:

  "data": {
    "address": "AnyRandomString", 
    "balance": {
      "confirmed": 960, 
      "unconfirmed": 960
    "time_last_tx": 188.473, 
    "txes_total": 2


What I have tried:

Dim str As String = reader.ReadToEnd()
Dim dict As Object = New JavaScriptSerializer().Deserialize(Of List(Of Object))(str)
Dim BITCONIadress As String = Nothing
Dim transactmBiTCOIN As Integer = Nothing
Dim balanceBBITCOIn As String = Nothing
For Each itm As Object In dict
    BITCONIadress = dict("address").ToString()
    transactmBiTCOIN = CInt(dict("txes_total"))
    balanceBBITCOIn = dict("confirmed").ToString()
Dim kConvert = Convert.ToDecimal(balanceBBITCOIn) / 100000000
lll += 1
Me.Invoke(New MethodInvoker(Sub() Me.label7.Text = lll & "/" & countii))
Dim lstv As New ListViewItem
    lstv.Text = BITCONIadress
    Me.Invoke(New MethodInvoker(Sub() Me.label8.Text = listView1.Items.Count))
    lstcnt += 1
Updated 23-Mar-20 8:22am

1 solution

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Solution 1

Instead of manually parsing this; why don't you look at what you have, and then use the properties to get what you need.

In this case, you have JSON. This is an object that has been serialized into a string format.
What I would do is:
1. Create a class with a design parallel to your JSON.
2. DeSerialize the JSON into instances of that class (objects)
3. Read the desired properties from those instances.

Deserialize an Object[^]
How to serialize and deserialize JSON using C# - .NET | Microsoft Docs[^]
Member 10285969 23-Mar-20 15:50pm
can you show me a sample using my json requiements? pleasee
MadMyche 23-Mar-20 16:18pm
I can help you with specific problems, but I am not going to write it all out.

I would use an online tool to create the classes from the JSON, I use this one for C# which you should be able to trans-code into VB

Once you got that worked out, go through the samples/tutorials from my answer; and then start working what you've learned into what you need.
Member 10285969 24-Mar-20 0:13am
Thanks for pointing me to the right Question to ask inorder to understand this better. but the links you give was not too simple for me to understand but i used your methods to know what to search for in youtube and this video got me what i wanted.. "[VB.NET] Visual Basic Project - Weather App via JSON API Response.mp4"
it talks about the <serializable> and <serializableattribute> which i was able to use with the link you gave when i convert it back to ""
MadMyche 24-Mar-20 7:39am
I hoped it help.

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