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Hi everyone,

I am facing a hard time since I could not figure out how to redirect to the previous URL. When I tested request.referrer 10 days ago, it worked, but now it's not working anymore and instead, I am getting the same URL. I am creating a Google login. Here's the code:

@main.route("/post/<int:post_id>", methods=["GET", "POST"])
def post(post_id):
    post = Posts.query.filter_by(id=post_id).one()
    comments = post.comments

    if post == None:
        return ('Error')
    elif current_user.is_authenticated:
        return render_template("show_post0.html", post=post, comments=comments, username=current_user.user_name, userimage=current_user.user_photo)

    return render_template("show_post_login.html", post=post, comments=comments)

# redirect to previous url
def redirect_url(default=''):
    return request.args.get('next') or \
           request.referrer or \

def callback():
    # Get authorization code Google sent back to you
    code = request.args.get("code")

    # Find out what URL to hit to get tokens that allow you to ask for
    # things on behalf of a user
    google_provider_cfg = get_google_provider_cfg()
    token_endpoint = google_provider_cfg["token_endpoint"]

    # Prepare and send request to get tokens! Yay tokens!
    token_url, headers, body = client.prepare_token_request(
    token_response =

    # Parse the tokens!

    # Now that we have tokens (yay) let's find and hit URL
    # from Google that gives you user's profile information,
    # including their Google Profile Image and Email
    userinfo_endpoint = google_provider_cfg["userinfo_endpoint"]
    uri, headers, body = client.add_token(userinfo_endpoint)
    userinfo_response = requests.get(uri, headers=headers, data=body)

    # We want to make sure their email is verified.
    # The user authenticated with Google, authorized our
    # app, and now we've verified their email through Google!
    if userinfo_response.json().get("email_verified"):
        unique_id = userinfo_response.json()["sub"]
        users_email = userinfo_response.json()["email"]
        picture = userinfo_response.json()["picture"]
        users_name = userinfo_response.json()["given_name"]
        return "User email not available or not verified by Google.", 400

    # Create a user in our db with the information provided
    # by Google
    author = Author(
        google_id=unique_id, user_name=users_name, user_email=users_email, user_photo=picture

    user = Author.query.filter_by(google_id=unique_id).first()
    # Doesn't exist? Add to database
    if user:
        # Begin user session by logging the user in


    # Send user back to homepage

    print("##############", request.args.get('next')) #This produce None
    print ("#########", request.referrer) # this produce the link of the header, 
                                     not the previous page.

    return redirect(redirect_url())

I could redirect to the Post route directly but I want to use this method in more than one route.

Thanks in advance!

What I have tried:

I tried all the possible ways on the internet. though, when the login success, it refreshes the same URL instead of returning to the previous URL. I will be thankful if anyone can find a solution. Maybe I missed something. maybe it's a silly bug

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