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I'm new into C# and would like to know how I can Serialize and Deserialize dynamically generated controls in a c# UserControl.

If anyone could help me, i'll be very thankful.

Thank you !

What I have tried:

I have successfully done this in windows forms, however i am still unsure after looking around the internet for solutions for UserControls.
Updated 27-Mar-20 10:51am
Ralf Meier 27-Mar-20 16:11pm
I agree with the Solution from Phil.O - but a question :
When you have a Solution for the Form itself - why don't you do the same for the UserControl ? Both are Containers which hold Controls in it's ControlCollection ...

1 solution

You do not serialize the controls themselves, you just serialize the information needed to (re)build them.
Maciej Los 27-Mar-20 16:46pm
phil.o 27-Mar-20 19:57pm
Thanks Maciej :)
I'm not sure it is sufficient for OP, though; kind of lacking some concrete info here.

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