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Hello folks

Hope you're fine and protecting yourself from the terrible illness worldwide.

I got a datatable containing a "Details" button which should open a modal. I already succeed in getting the Id of a corresponding row into the modal, which I display into a text-field on an input tag.
I wish to get the value of the input tag(the correspmonding row Id) into a PHP variable inorder to perform a query in the DB. The value of the input tag in question is gotten from Javascript.
After researches, I found out that using AJAX was the best way to achieve this, but the code I implemented throws an error.

The error says:
Notice: Undefined index: sessionIdToPost in C:\wamp64\www\project apache test\HTML\Sessions_infos.php on line 186

Thanks in advance for your kind help!

What I have tried:

Here is what've tried
HTML code:
<td><button type="button" class="btn btn-info sessionDetails" session-id="<?php echo $row['sessionid']; ?>"
                  style="font-family:comic sans Ms ; font-size: 15px; font-weight: lighter;background-color: #3cc1fc;
                  border-radius: 2px;">Détails </button></td>

Modal content:
The input tag in which I display the Id in the modal
<input type="text" id="sessionId" value="">

PHP Code to retrieve the value of the input tag from the javascript side
$_SESSION['sessionId'] = "";
$_SESSION['sessionId'] = $_POST['sessionIdToPost'];

JS Code:
$(document).ready(function() {
  // when the button will be clicked the function will be called
      //removing previous value
      //set modal's Id to corresponding Id from table


    // This sends the value of the input to the PHP server
      var sessionId_data = $(this).val();

      //Send data to server
      $.post("/Sessions_infos.php", {"sessionIdToPost": sessionId_data});

Richard MacCutchan 30-Mar-20 3:42am
You have not defined sessionIdToPost anywhere in your HTML.
Nice Kloe 30-Mar-20 6:09am
Thanks for your response, Richard. But I'm somehow confused. Since the value of the
should come from the JavaScript side and be posted to the $_POST['sessionToPostId'], how should I define it? Could you be more explicit, please?
Nice Kloe 1-Apr-20 16:50pm
Hello everyone. Please, could I have some more guides on how to solve my problem?

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