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i face date issue to get value from sql server using mvc c#
it work fine on date 12 and after 12 it show error
sql server date formate is 2020-03-27

What I have tried:

this code work fine on date 12 and show error after 12, i think problem is in date format
DateTime fromDate = DateTime.ParseExact(date, "dd/MM/yyyy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
Updated 30-Mar-20 20:26pm
Maciej Los 30-Mar-20 14:42pm
Replace "dd/MM/yyyy" with "yyyy-MM-dd" and let me know if it helped.
Can you show the method you use to get data from SQL Server?

If you are using a datetime datatype in SQL, it has no notion of format. It just stores the datetime information as a numeric value, the format only becomes relevant when presenting the data to the end user; thus, in the ASP.NET side.

If you are storing the datetime values as string, then you are not using the proper datatype and you will run into several difficulties sooner or later. You should change that as soon as possible, or be prepared to poor performances of your queries on filtering/grouping by date fields. If you still don't want to use the proper datatype, then you will have to match the format in the database with the format of the ParseExact method. In this case, try
DateTime fromDate = DateTime.ParseExact(date, "yyyy/MM/dd", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
mtufail 30-Mar-20 14:12pm
In SQL server i use date datatype.
When i use formate "yyyy/MM/dd" it show error on both before and after 12 date
when i use formate "dd/MM/yyyy" it show error after date 12 and work fine on or before 12 date
phil.o 30-Mar-20 14:19pm
Then use "MM/dd/yyyy" format for ParseExact.
Richard Deeming 1-Apr-20 14:10pm
If you're using the date datatype in SQL, then you shouldn't need to use Parse or ParseExact at all. You can just cast the returned value directly to a DateTime.
mtufail 30-Mar-20 14:25pm
when i use "MM/dd/yyyy" it work on or before 12 but not show data and give error after 12 date.
When i use "dd/MM/yyyy" it work fine on or before 12 date and also show data but give error after 12 date.
mtufail 30-Mar-20 14:47pm
"dd/MM/yyyy" work fine on local server and also work fine when i use sql server ip, username and password directly with my application. it show error on live web after date 12
phil.o 30-Mar-20 16:13pm
Please show the error message as well as the line of code triggering it.
There is no issue in code.
The issue is that you local machine and server have different datetime format.
Please change the datetime format for you server as your local machine then code will work fine.
Issue is server is considering you day as month and this is because of different date time format.

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