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We had a local SVN server and it is not available now. Luckily I have migrated from SVN to GIT with all logs.

Now Tortoise SVN server has been installed on client end. Now we need to push my app from GIT to SVN with same history.

What I have tried:

I tried google but found only SVN to GIT migration. I am looking for a reverse migration from GIT to SVN with history.
Updated 2-Apr-20 22:03pm
Stefan_Lang 3-Apr-20 3:27am    
Do you realize that a GIT client has all the functionality of a local SVN server? (except for the sharing with others, obviously)
idhris2011 3-Apr-20 3:31am    
all they want is to use SVN server. They don't want to use GIT for some reasons. THey have installed Tortoise SVN server. we need to create a repo and push my app from git repo to SVN repo.
Stefan_Lang 3-Apr-20 3:58am    
Ah, I misunderstood - I thought you meant your system being the 'client side'. But you meant an actual client who installed a server :D

In that case I have no idea. AFAIK it's not possible to migrate the history from GIT *in general* since it's a distributed system and is capable of recording changes that SVN doesn't know how to store.

If you say the local SVN server is not available *now*, would it be an option to just tell the client to wait until *later*? At least for the history?

1 solution

In case you haven't already messed with your GIT repository (in the sense that several people have worked on it in parallel), you might be able to do this according to svn - Converting a repository from git to subversion - Stack Overflow[^]
(The accepted solution suggests using git-svn dcommit to store the (hopefully linear) history to an empty SVN repository)
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Maciej Los 3-Apr-20 4:28am    

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