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Hey Guys, im trying to render my image onto a canvas,
however it doesnt draw for some reason , i've tried both with setting the source, and using the element,
images sit in a folder inside the project folder, they render well onto the page with the given url,
however they dont draw

the function:
function addMeme(id) {

    function drawImg(id) {
      var img = new Image();
      var selectedImage = gImgs.find((img) => + "" == id);
      img.src = selectedImage.url;
      var elImg = document.querySelector(`[data-id="${id}"]`);//not in use
      img.onload = () => {
        gCtx.drawImage(img, 0, 0, gCanvas.width, gCanvas.height); //img,x,y,width,height

should have probably added

function updateCanvas() {
  gCanvas = document.getElementById("my-canvas");
  gCtx = gCanvas.getContext("2d");

What I have tried:

tried using the elment instead of the image src
Updated 8-Apr-20 7:52am
[no name] 8-Apr-20 12:47pm
a.) What error "F12" shows?
b.) When and what is assigned to gCanvas?
Member 14719507 8-Apr-20 13:51pm
added to question, no error in colsole
[no name] 8-Apr-20 14:02pm
Here a minimal example, I hope it helps: Tryit Editor v3.6[^]
Member 14719507 8-Apr-20 14:09pm
same thing i did mate
gggustafson 9-Apr-20 13:48pm
From your code, I don't think you did the same thing! Copy the w3schools code and then modify it to fit your needs.

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