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Hello guys

I have project which have 4 page web application.
I want Convert this web application into desktop application(Wizard form).Please Help me out to make this web application into installation form.

Advance Thanks 

What I have tried:

Not Have any idea to it convert into desktop application.
Updated 18-Sep-22 0:13am

There are too many differences between webforms and windows forms for a simple conversion. You will need to create the desktop app from scratch based in the design of your web project.
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Don't bother, unless it's been designing in a sensible way: PL, BL, and DL.

The problem is that web apps rely on two things: a server and a client - and the client software is all in HTML (for the basic display description) and JavaScript (for all the actual user interaction stuff). This is effectively the PL, though a greater of lesser amount of it can also be done at the Server in VB, PHP, or C#.

While the HTML can be "translated" to controls on a form, the Javascript doesn't translate well at all - it uses a totally different framework. And if the website uses a JS framework like Node.JS or Angular then you just add another layer of complexity to your "translation". Add in that any server based interaction code is written to generate new HTML / JS none of which will work in a desktop app, and you start to see the scale of the problem: only the BL and DL layers of the design can be directly reused in your windows application.
But generally, websites aren't written well with strict adherence to a layered model, so your PL is mixed in with your BL and your DL (with some DL being used by the JS framework if Node or Angular are used) and you get a mess to dissect because none of what you have is directly usable.

Instead, use the web app as a functional specification for what your Windows app should do, and design a new app from scratch to meet that. It'll be quicker in the long run, and you'll end up with a more maintainable product!
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You can try
1. GitHub - nativefier/nativefier: Make any web page a desktop application[^]

it converts web site to app.exe but: it seems the site should be responsible in the time you run the app.
I waited: I convert a web app to app.exe and provide the app.exe (+ files) to a customer.
But it is wrapper only.

2. The second option is: to use Electron.Net, it looks much better
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