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I have created a database with columns cal_id, event name, event start time, event finish time, event date.
but i am getting the point how we can retrieve or show that data in the calendar control.
as in, we use calender1_dayRender() to retrieve data from the database. how we can show calendar data from the database to calender in c# winform.

What I have tried:

i found a code for
but dayRender is not available in winform calender.

protected void Calendar1_DayRender(object sender, DayRenderEventArgs e)   
    Literal l = new Literal(); //Creating a literal  
    l.Visible = true;  
    l.Text = "<br>"; //for breaking the line in cell  
    e.Cell.Controls.Add(l); //adding in all cell  
    da = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from Events", con);  
    DataTable dt = new DataTable();  
    foreach(DataRow dr in dt.Rows)   
        string x = dr[1].ToString();  
        if (dr[1].ToString() == e.Day.Date.ToString()) //comparision  
            Label lb = new Label();  
            lb.Visible = true;  
            lb.Text = dr[0].ToString();  
            string a = lb.Text;  
            e.Cell.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.OrangeRed; // changing cell color  
            e.Cell.ToolTip = dr[0].ToString(); //adding tooltip  
Updated 14-Apr-20 20:48pm
Wendelius 14-Apr-20 23:23pm
What calendar control you're using? MonthCalendar?
Member 14192879 15-Apr-20 1:28am
yes, month calendar. is there any other calendar available?

1 solution

how we can show calendar data from the database to calender in c# winform.

Take a look here:
Select a Range of Dates in MonthCalendar Control - Windows Forms | Microsoft Docs[^]
Display Specific Days in Bold with MonthCalendar Control - Windows Forms | Microsoft Docs[^]
Change MonthCalendar Control's Appearance - Windows Forms | Microsoft Docs[^]
Display More than One Month in MonthCalendar Control - Windows Forms | Microsoft Docs[^]

To select a range of dates
1.Create DateTime objects that represent the first and last dates in a range.
DateTime projectStart = new DateTime(2001, 2, 13);  
DateTime projectEnd = new DateTime(2001, 2, 28);

2. Set the SelectionRange property.
monthCalendar1.SelectionRange = new SelectionRange(projectStart, projectEnd);

3. Set the SelectionStart and SelectionEnd properties.
monthCalendar1.SelectionStart = projectStart;  
monthCalendar1.SelectionEnd = projectEnd;

Conclusion: all you need to do is to get dates (start and end) from database and use one of above ways to select range of dates.
Member 14192879 15-Apr-20 1:57am
can we add meeting details below the date in month calender?
Maciej Los 15-Apr-20 2:02am
I don't know. You can always display the details of event below the calendar.

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