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Halo! I need some thing like proprietaly console(dos), which should be create without programs and operation system with agrement license, it was be only apparat programation controller, with interface to conect to x86hardware(sd/ flop/ bios/hdd?)
Like keybord pad end litle scrin to see code asambler, and port to conect. It should have no operation system frome license agrement doesnt can Block me do anything with my console. Only hardware. How it can be named? Types or Mark apparats? Maybe some information? Perfocard in now time not used or have New relises for this deal?

What I have tried:

Accumulate money to bue this hardware
Updated 16-Apr-20 7:24am
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Apr-20 12:16pm
Not one word of your post made any sense.

I have no idea what you're looking for.

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Thats doesn;t make a lot of sense, and what is understandable is contradictory.
I need some thing like proprietaly console(dos)
OK - you are looking for a hardware console with DOS on.
It should have no operation system
Uh ... That's what DOS is: an operating system (the name stands for Disk Operating System in fact).

Start again: writ down what you want and what you want to do with it in yoru own native language, and then pas sthat tthrough Google Translate: Google Translate[^] to get an English version. Hopefully, it will make more sense that way!

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