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This is my first post in this forum so I apologize in advance if this question is not suited for this forum.

Ok, I want to make an mobile for my university website and many features that the website lacks.

Among all the features the one that I am most concerned about is the money transfers.

The students would be able to login into the app with their student credentials and there link their account with a bank account, and be able to pay their fees directly instead of spending hours in line to do so in the university.

I am just a beginner who has been programming in C++ for quite some time now and know the basic of HTML, CSS and very little of Javascript. Worth noting that I am in my fresh year of college.

What I am needing is sort of a road map, what do I have to have to learn, which programming languages, courses to take, technologies to use, things that I need to be aware of, to make this app and add the possibility to handle money to pay the college fees in a one-click way for all the students.
Any guidance will be much appreciated.

What I have tried:

I have tried googling around and went on to tons of articles but none showed me what I am looking for
Updated 19-Apr-20 2:25am

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Don't even think about it. This is not a job for a beginner, no matter how much C++ have you done - you just don't have enough experience to risk it, you face two major hurdles that you just aren't ready for:

1) Identification: there are so many things you don't know here: from security certification, to password storage, to two-factor authentication, to GDPR - and most of that is legislated in many countries so fall foul of it and you will have legal problems and could face huge fines and even see your life behind bars for a while!
2) Money ... oh boy. You are proposing to deal with real money, real bank accounts, in a college full of poor-but-clever computer students with considerably more experience than you, and you think it's a good idea to let them have access to a web site that has loads of bank accounts on it, written by someone who is in the first year of a course? Even if they don't hack it themselves, how much do you think that information would be worth to the "right people"?

And you would personally be liable for any losses if it is seen that you were in any way negligent - which you will be because you have no idea how secure the login, let alone handle bank details!

Seriously: shelve this project. You won't even get permission to install it on the website for real because the college will be too worried about collateral damage when you get sued ...
hbtalha 19-Apr-20 10:39am
No, I don't mean now. It is just an idea that I have for the long future, that's why I stated that I am in my first year. I know it can be done, it is hard, but it can be done. What I am asking is just guidance, what I need to learn, programming languages, framework, etc to be able to do something like this.
Dave Kreskowiak 19-Apr-20 11:29am
As far as programming languages and frameworks, surprising little. This should be just accessing a web API or similar, and how to do it securely. You're going to have to learn certificates and security.

Your problem isn't the programming. You're going to be spending FAR more time researching and learning the legal processes and ramification, interacting with banks, routing, liability, insurance, ...
hbtalha 19-Apr-20 11:56am
As for now my problem is programming because if I don't know what to learn and learn them, learning the legal process won't be much of a use.

Now I want to know what should I start learning right away. React for hybrid apps, Java for backend?? This kind of stuff

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