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Hi, I'm trying to pass an array of objects from my javascript in my view to my controller.
After some issues I managed to get it to work, at least until the point that my method in the controller get called and my list<> there get correctly filled.

but at the same time my page is not showing and I get HTTP Error 415.

I have read that I need to use [FromFrom] instead of [fromBody]
but then the result of my canvasFields is empty (list Count = 0)

But with [FromBody] when I set a breakpoint in my controller canvasFields is correctly filled only that my page is not showing with Http Error 415

I really have no idea what to do

What I have tried:

$('#btnClick').click(function (e) {
                url: "@Url.Action("SaveTemplate")",
                type: 'post',
                contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
                data: JSON.stringify(canvasFields),
                success: function () {
                error: function (errMsg) {

        public ActionResult SaveTemplate([FromBody] List<CanvasField> canvasFields)
            return Json(new
                resut = "OK"
Updated 19-Apr-20 22:55pm
MadMyche 19-Apr-20 12:45pm    
So what is different from this "solved" problem?
Nizar Belhiba 19-Apr-20 15:16pm    
Yep, you are right. BUT to be honest, as always had a breakpoint I did never noticed that the website didn't show up. I always just check if my List in my Controller get propper filled as I wished without continuing above that point.
And meanwhile, I had some other issue to deal with so when I came back and removed the breakpoint I've just noticed the issue
MadMyche 19-Apr-20 15:34pm    
So, is the List in your controller is populated?
Nizar Belhiba 19-Apr-20 15:37pm    
Yes. And every thing is fine. Just the view dont show. And i get the message this function cant be load Http Error 415

1 solution

OK I found the solution
The problem was that the correct route to my view was missing by adding it I solved the problem:
       public IActionResult SaveTemplate()
           return View();
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