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My syftem configuration

OS: Windows 10 pro

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 (Professional)
Version 16.5.4

WDK version: 10.0.18346.1000

Driver install - deploy - I am using manual configuration instead of automatic(provision)

I have create printer v4 driver application by referring link
Follow all steps. as t trying to deploy it (from host machine) on output window it shows some error after reboot target machine.

$KitRoot$\Testing\Runtimes\TAEF\te.exe "%SystemDrive%\DriverTest\Run\DriverTestTasks.dll
DriverTestTasks.dll" /select:"@Name='DriverTestTasks::_LogDebuggerSettings'" /rebootStateFile:%SystemDrive%\DriverTest\Run\DriverTestReboot.xml /enableWttLogging /wttDeviceString:$LogFile:file="%SystemDrive%\DriverTest\Run\Gathering_kernel_debugger_settings_00042.wtl",writemode=append,encoding=unicode,nofscache=true,EnableLvl="WexStartTest|WexEndTest|WexXml|WexProperty|WexCreateContext|WexCloseContext|*" /runas:Elevated
Task "Gathering kernel debugger settings" was aborted because a communication error occured during execution.

I am stuck on this issue. Not getting any help how to resolve it.

Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

I had tried to search DriverTestReboot.xml ,Gathering_kernel_debugger_settings files on dosk to check timeout. But not able to find it. WDK and c\c++ packages already updated to required version on both target and host machine.
Updated 23-Apr-20 22:32pm

1 solution

Your error description is to unspecific. My best tip is to restart development from the scratch because it looks like some severe bug like mismatched handle or access rights.

Read the Building a Basic v4 Printer Driver documentation and start from some sample code.

Best is, to make only small steps and test them regularly.
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