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I have a client application which will be deployed on multitude of client PC's. The client will communicate with the server at certain intervals. Server will also communicate with the clients randomly when a new update is available. I was contemplating on wcf self-hosted services, as my client app is going to deployed on systems with variety of configuration. I am not finding WCF sel-hosted service as a promising option. I have following questions/doubts

1) What is the most accepted way of client<->server communication?

2) How do the server know about clients changing ip address?
Updated 11-Jan-13 21:32pm

1 solution

1) There are a huge number of them, exactly which you want to use is totally up to you, and will depend on what your application is supposed to do. WCF is a good choice though for a general communications medium.

2) It can't. The IP address is the only way the server can communicate with a client: if the client changes it's IP address then the server can no longer contact it, and the IP address could be re-used by a different computer almost instantly. Unless the client can say to the server "I am about to change my IP address to xxx" (and generally when you change IP it is assigned by the ISP and you can't know it in advance) then it will not work. If you mean "how can I detect that this user has changed IP address because he wants to misuse our services" then you are limited to storing a cookie and checking it when a new user connects.

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