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Been bashing my head trying to solve this practice problem:

Write a function called appendToString, which accepts two strings.

The function should return a new string which consists of the second string appended to the first string.

example: appendToString("Hello", " World!"); // "Hello World!"

What I have tried:

I got
var string = Hello, World;

function prependToString() {
  return "string"; 

Updated 3-Nov-20 20:33pm

I think you need to be really careful about the names of your functions vs what you're asking for - your question with 'append' string, yet you've named your function 'prependToString', and have 'appendToString in the console write - they are two different results

So, how do you write a function in javascript ? maybe ....
function appendToString() {

but that's not going to work without parameters is it ?
function appendToString(base, append) {

ok, but it doesnt do anything nor return anything yet
function appendToString(base, append) {
    var res = base.SOMETHING(append)
    return res

so, how do you combine strings in javascript - look it up either in your textbook or google 'javascript combine string', and where I have put 'base.SOMETHING' above, make 'SOMETHING' the correct function .. this isnt hard, but you really need to read your textbook and apply yourself a bit
Hey, the code below is a function that accepts two strings in JavaScript.

let x = appendToString("Hello," , " World!"); // Hello, World!

function appendToString(a, b) {
return a + b;

//If you want to add more strings simply add more values inside the parameters of your function //

let x = appendToString("Hello," " Beautiful " , " World!"); 
//Hello, Beautiful World! //

function appendToString(a, b, c) {
return a + b + c;
Richard Deeming 4-Nov-20 5:39am
You don't help anyone by doing their homework for them. And this question was already solved back in April.

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