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I am migrating to Visio 2016 drawing control from Visio 2010. When I save a new file as .vsd outside the main Visio application it is throwing an exception. However, the file is saved on the given location. I save the file as .vsd for backward compatibility. This would affect reloading/opening the same new file and it is throwing an exception. Below snippet works well with Visio 2010.

BOOL Doc::SaveAs(vbPath)
    success = TRUE;

    if (!SUCCEEDED(CVisioDocument::SaveAsEx(vbPath, visSaveAsWS)))
        success = FALSE;

    // Now do a save to get the drawing on the Most Recently Used list
    short saveRc=0;
    if (!SUCCEEDED(CVisioDocument::Save(&saveRc)))  //exception in Save 

    return success;

CVisioDocument::SaveAsEx(vbPath, visSaveAsWS) return "0". It means successfully saved new document.
But after I try, CVisioDocument::Save(&saveRc) throws an exception, because until a document has been saved, the Save method generates an error.
On the other hand, I can save a new document in the main Visio application without any exception. That's file is opening in the main Visio application.

So, Can anyone help with how can I get rid out of the above problem?

What I have tried:

I find out someone has also a similar problem in Visio 2013,
CHill60 1-May-20 4:39am    
Do you want to tell us what the exception actually is?
Did you try all of the suggestions on the link you gave? Do you get the same/different errors?
You are referring to .vsd files, but 2016 saves .vsdx files - could that be your problem?
Sagar SLS 1-May-20 7:42am    
Right now, I caught exception in a special catch block called ‘catch all’ catch(…) that can be used to catch all types of exceptions. So did not specify you what was the actual exception. I will update you if I get that specific exception type.

I haven't tried all suggestions but I believe that I will get the same behavior as he got.

Yes, I am referring to .vsd files and here SaveAsEx() however store the .vsd file given location but Save() gives exception. But I am not sure 2016 tries to saves as .vsdx and that causes the problem.
CHill60 4-May-20 5:44am    
2016 does use .vsdx. You said in your question "it is throwing an exception." What is that exception?
Sagar SLS 5-May-20 5:53am    
I have tried to get details of exception by catching the exception but it always throws in catch(...) so an exception is the unknown (not standard exception).
CHill60 5-May-20 6:02am    
Try removing your try-catch so that the exception is displayed. Or stick a message in there. You say it is throwing an exception so you must have seen something! You are not helping us to help you

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