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I have developed a "school management software" using
I have created the setup file for this.
If i sell to somebody they can install it in their machine by double clicking "Setup" File.
Also I doubt they can distribute it also. is there any way we can restrict it?
To restrict this I think following steps
1. I will put my software in my website
2. if they click download it should be installed
directly into their computer. (not copied all files)
I do not know how to do above things
is there any word-press plugin for this or any web code
any help and guidance appreciated.

What I have tried:

Google about this
but not successful
Updated 1-May-20 0:44am

You could make a ClickOnce web installer, see list here: installers-for-windows-programs[^]

If you want to protect your code, you can use an obfuscator like Dotfuscator or one of these: obfuscators-for-net-code[^]
This will still allow a user to copy the files to another computer however, but they can not easily modify the source code.
Some installers, like SetupBuilder can protect your application with a serial key number.

You can also try to protect your application yourself, see: Software Copy Protection for .Net Applications - a Tutorial[^]
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Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 1-May-20 6:46am    
OP wants to run the code on user machine, which is not going to happen even if they migrate their application to ClickOnce. Plus, he does not want to share his code, even after compilation with fear that customers might redistribute his application.

Please see a different approach in Solution 2 that I suggest.
Also I doubt they can distribute it also.
Which they will, which is why online pirated software copies of Windows, Office, and other premium software like Adobe are available. You do your best to prevent the usage, by locking the software features, disabling the software altogether, etc. But you cannot prevent the customer from taking full control of your software — and don't forget, customer can always modify the Registry settings in their Windows OS or on their Linux environments.
directly into their computer. (not copied all files)
Web browsers do not work that way. Your online website will not have any access to the machine of your customer to download and set up the files. At best, you can allow the customer to download and install the software themselves. Just imagine what a spam website would do to your computer if they could just download and run any piece of code on your machine? Would you be okay with that? Say, ransomware. No?
is there any word-press plugin for this or any web code
No, but I would like to recommend a new approach to deliver your software to your customers. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach.

Software as a service - Wikipedia[^]
What is SaaS? Software as a Service | Microsoft Azure[^]

In this approach, you will deliver the software that you wrote as a web application. Your customers will log in to their accounts and use the service. Your customer will not be able to take the code away, at all! At best they can save the current state of your application, which will not help them in any way. What's better is that they will always be able to send a URL to your software that can be used by their friends and family to use your software.

You can manage billing and licenses all in one place. Please look into this domain and see how you can migrate your application to a SaaS model.

Otherwise, you cannot deliver the executables and expect them to be ran on the machine without consent.
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