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ı could not write anything about this question.Question is under

Please write a C code that prints out ONLY even index elements of the following array.

arr = {5, 2, 6, 10, 4, 18, 3, 4, 7}

What I have tried:

ı searched on google and ı found a code but this code say me while its working "please enter array" ı dont want this.
Updated 4-May-20 18:39pm

Why on earth are you searching for code for this? DON'T. It won't teach you anything useful.

This is a very simple app. You just define an array and then print every other element of it from inside a for loop.

You would have covered this stuff in your classes.
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ı searched on google and ı found a code

As programmer, your job is to create code, just searching on google will not help your to learn anything.
ı could not write anything about this question.

You need to reread your lessons and try again, if you can't come up with anything, have a talk with your teacher.
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Dave Kreskowiak gave you the first 1/2 of the answer - use a for loop - so write a for loop, to start with, to print every element

Now, how do you test if a number is even or odd ? think about the 'modulo' operator ie '%' - so change your print statement to only print on even numbers of the for loop index, using '%'
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CPallini 5-May-20 2:34am    
"Dave Kreskowiak gave you the first 1/2 of the answer"
Because you divided the for loop by 2. :-D
No actual need to use the modulo operator, in such a task.
Garth J Lancaster 5-May-20 2:40am    
;-) yes - I guess if a person can construct a for loop they should be able to figure it out - I was trying to suggest a 'simple' path from a known result

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