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Write a function called stringIncludes, which accepts two strings: the first string is a word and the second string is a single character.

The function should return true if the first string includes the character, otherwise it should return false.

Do not use the built in String.includes() function!

stringIncludes('awesome', 'e'); // true
stringIncludes('awesome', 'z'); // false

What I have tried:

function stringIcludes(str1, char) {
if(str1.includes(char) ) {
return true;
else {
return false;
('awesome', 'e')
('awesome', 'z')
Updated 7-May-20 1:55am

What am I doing wrong in this code?

You didn't followed requirements!
you are requested to "Do not use the built in String.includes() function!" and your code uses it:
if(str1.includes(char) ) {

you forgot to tell the function name and the semi column at the end of lines:
('awesome', 'e')
('awesome', 'z')

you can simplify the code to:
function stringIcludes(str1, char) {
    return str1.includes(char);
CPallini 7-May-20 2:40am
Patrice T 7-May-20 2:43am
Thank you
Richard MacCutchan 7-May-20 7:08am
But your code still uses String.includes().
Patrice T 7-May-20 7:45am
I didn't intend to do the homework in full :)
Richard MacCutchan 7-May-20 7:47am
Quite right too. :)
Vdiaz89 7-May-20 14:19pm
So, is there a way of writing the code without using string.includes()?
Patrice T 7-May-20 14:55pm
See solution 2
You are supposed to implement the following algorithm:
  • Enumerate the letters of first parameter.
    • If current letter equals second parameter, return true.
  • Return false.

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