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I have the column called Codes and the data will return from db like this
I need to split this in class and assign to another variables as i need to display these rows in excel sheet..

Can you please help me to fix this...


What I have tried:


<pre>public string codes { get; set; }

public string codes_format
     get {
       return values
        string[] values = _codes.Split(',');
       for (int i = 0; i < values.Length; i++)
         values[i] = values[i].Trim();

like codes_format1, codes_format2, ... codes_format8..
Updated 7-May-20 11:10am
F-ES Sitecore 7-May-20 13:21pm
Doe the properties "codes_format1" etc already exist on the class?
RmcbainTheThird 7-May-20 13:30pm
that snippet will not even compile. You are returning values before declaring it,you mark your get as a string and yet when you do declare it you declare it as an array.

1 solution

So you have a column in the DB called codes which is actually comma-delineated values

You have a generic get...set for this public property.
The code you have presented references a property/field called _codes

Normally an underscore represents a private field and is intuitively named by the property which refers to it, something like this
private string _codes { get; set; }
public  string  codes { get { return _codes; } set { _codes = value; } }
Now what it looks like is that you want those codes to come back as a series of values. And you want those values trimmed of any white-space.

You can try working off of this block of code to bring that value back as an array
public string[] codes_format
          return (Array.ConvertAll(_codes.Split(','), p => p.Trim()));
.net333 8-May-20 7:35am
Thanks Myche... Really you saved my time...
MadMyche 8-May-20 8:42am
You are welcome

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