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I have successfully created V4 printer driver and installed it on 64 bit windows 10 system.

I have created another .net windows application (.exe) for editing file(eg.pdf) and adding header page in it.
As shown in below screenshot , we need to run this application(.exe) every time the user select V4 printer driver named(eg. Fabikam 9000) from printer list and click on print button.

So on clicking PRINT button, it should launch application(.exe) and not straight away print the file.

My Doubts-
1)How can we link application (.exe) with custom V4 printer driver?
2)Does it require any changes in existing INF file or add any deployment script for the above requirement?

What I have tried:

I had tried to change INF file DriverInstall section to call .exe but it fails.

DataSection=UNIDRV_BIDI_DATA ; Unidrv Bidirectional Data Section
Needs=TTFSUB.OEM,UNIDRV_BIDI.OEM ; Install Unidrv, TrueType subs,
ExeApp = SampleAddLink

Updated 10-May-20 22:46pm

1 solution

The inf file is used to install the driver, but has no effect on applications that will send output to that printer. But using a Filter Drivers - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs[^] may be the answer.

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