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The rectangle displayed by drawreversibleframe is ok only the primary screen. If the form is on the other screen it is wrong. any idea ?

What I have tried:

Private Sub MyDrawReversibleRectangle(ByVal p1 As Point, ByVal p2 As Point, ByVal couleur As Color)
     Dim position As New Point

     position = p1

     ' Normalize the rectangle.
     If (p1.X < p2.X) Then
         donnees_lasso.rect.Width = p2.X - p1.X
         position.X = p2.X
         donnees_lasso.rect.Width = p1.X - p2.X
     End If

     If (p1.Y < p2.Y) Then
         donnees_lasso.rect.Height = p2.Y - p1.Y
         position.Y = p2.Y
         donnees_lasso.rect.Height = p1.Y - p2.Y
     End If

     donnees_lasso.rect.Location = position

     If True Then
         Dim position_form As Point = Me.PointToScreen(Me.XPanel_dessus.Location)
         donnees_lasso.rectangle_affiche.X = position.X + position_form.X
         donnees_lasso.rectangle_affiche.Y = position.Y + position_form.Y

         donnees_lasso.rectangle_affiche.Location = Me.PointToScreen(position)
     End If

     donnees_lasso.rectangle_affiche.Height = donnees_lasso.rect.Height
     donnees_lasso.rectangle_affiche.Width = donnees_lasso.rect.Width
     ControlPaint.DrawReversibleFrame(donnees_lasso.rectangle_affiche, couleur, FrameStyle.Dashed)

 End Sub
phil.o 23-May-20 18:12pm
Please define 'wrong'.
Member 11124009 24-May-20 3:23am
I mean that if I move the form on my secondary screen, the "drawreversibleframe" is made on the primary screen

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