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Hi I have a data base in access file and want to export this data to excel sheet using C#.

If you use Access, one quite easy way is to use TransferText[^] method to save the data in a CSV file and then open it using Excel. You can use for example Interop for Access to call appropriate methods.

Another way could be to use OleDb and open a connection with OleDbConnection and do a select to appropriate table and save the result in a dataset. After that, export the dataset to Excel. There are lots of articles concerning this, for example:
- Fast Exporting from DataSet to Excel[^]
- DataTable to Excel[^]
- Export to EXCEL from Datatable in C#.Net[^] etc.
You have got 2 ways:
1) field by field - cell by cell, as is described here:[^]
2) using recordset and Excel method: CopyFromRecordset (prefered)
Steps to do:
a) connect to the database:[^]
b) fill the ADODB.Recordset object
c) create an instance of MS Excel
d) copy data from recordset in to excel sheet using CopyFromRecordset[^] method.

Good luck!

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