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I am a student who got a work in some programming area. The struggle that i occure is they want me to know some technic things, that i didnt had learnt on university yet.

I need to make a program with GUI, connection with mysqli and it need to allow datatransfer via usb in near future. 

The machine that will run it is connected to robot that bake pies, it can run windows or linux or even another one. It controls arm, and many containers with ingredients. In future I will make it steer workflow of baking.

Sorry for my English, still on learning path. Cheers from Poland

Really thanks for all help.

What I have tried:

I know i can make it in Java or C#, but they want me to tell them why i decide to take one of this languages and on what they can run this program, Windows or some kind of Linux. Could you kind people help me choose right language (and technologies) to write this program , so they will think good about me? :).
Updated 5-Jun-20 10:40am

Sorry, but we can't really do that, for two reasons:
1) There are far too many "unspoken details": Linux is free for example, Windows needs a licence for each machine. So if production cost is going to be a major factor, and volume is high the it's an obvious choice. But on the other hand if the volume is very low, the the licence fee may get "swallowed" by the cost of producing the software.
There is also the hardware requirements which introduce a similar cost / benefit decision.
And there are loads of other similar factors we just don't have any access to: so we can't tell you "pick this" because the decisions may be already made, or are pending cost analysis.
2) They are probably trying to find out how you approach problems, so they know how to "use you" in projects - our input would skew that and would probably lead to you being overwhelmed and way out of your depth!

I'd suggest you talk to your supervisor and see what he expects of you in better detail.
BlueBles 5-Jun-20 16:02pm
Thanks. Your second point, shows my I am just stressed. Well I will read a bit about some technologies then talk with supervisor.
I'd say: it depends on what application you have to build: 1) fat-client (OS specific) or 2) thin-client (Web).

When you decide to use second option, you can use c# within .net Core framework: Choose between .NET Core and .NET Framework for server apps | Microsoft Docs[^].

In case of option one, you'll need to use Java or one of cross-platform scripting or interpreted languages. For further details, please see: Cross-platform software - Wikipedia[^].
Xamarin[^] is also open-source mobile app platform for .NET and C#.

Good luck!

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