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i recive this message when i run the below code.

What I have tried:

var querybase = this.GetAll(
                _ => _.PlanoServico,
                _ => _.Escola
public virtual IQueryable<T> GetAll(params Expression<Func<T, object>>[] includes)
	IQueryable<T> query = ctx.Set<T>();
	return includes.Aggregate(query, (current, include) => current.Include(include)).AsNoTracking();
Updated 16-Jun-20 23:36pm
Richard Deeming 16-Jun-20 15:51pm
Do you get the error without any includes? I suspect there may be a mapping error between your database and your EF entities.
Fernando_Costa 16-Jun-20 16:03pm
I have a field float when i comment the field works

1 solution

The float type in C# maps to the real column type in SQL:
SQL Server Data Type Mappings - ADO.NET | Microsoft Docs[^]

Confusingly, the float data type in SQL maps to the double type in C#.

You'll need to modify your C# property to use the correct type that maps to the SQL column type.

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