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I have written some unit test cases using Gtest framework. If I am trying to test the class whose constructor is making the object of another class, GTest is crashing.

Code is as follows:

class User1
                u = new User2();  //Line exp
                delete u;
          User2* u;

class User2

Test Case:
TEST(test, InstantiateUser1)
     User1* u = new User1();

When I did debugging the test case, it was crashing at line exp (mentioned in comment).
Please help me out why is it happening and How can I resolve this problem?

What I have tried:

I searched a lot but not got anything relatable. I have no clue to solve this issue.
Updated 23-Jun-20 2:35am
ZurdoDev 22-Jun-20 12:14pm    
What is the error?
Richard MacCutchan 22-Jun-20 12:27pm    
The debugger should show you why it crashes.
Member 14686752 23-Jun-20 0:15am    
Exception thrown at 0x00000000000ACDB6 in Unittests.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0x00000000000ACDB6
Member 14686752 23-Jun-20 0:16am    
Same code in my project is working without any error but in gtest it is crashing.
Richard MacCutchan 23-Jun-20 2:46am    
That is a problem with Gtest.

1 solution

I have been looking at the Google Test documentation, and I think your test code is not correct. The test needs to call the function to be tested, and verify the results. See googletest/ at master · google/googletest · GitHub[^] for the correct way to write tests.
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Member 14686752 25-Jun-20 2:33am    
Test case is written in correct way, still not working.
Richard MacCutchan 25-Jun-20 4:24am    
Once again, that tells us nothing. Please edit your question and show exactly what you have done. We most likely also need to see the missing code from your samples.

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