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{% for research in orders %}


      var data1 = {{ research.pressReleases}};

  {% endfor %}
function Members1(data) {

      var keys = [];

      document.write("<table style='text-transform:uppercase' border==\"0\"><tr>");
      for (key in data[0]) {
        if (key != 'id') {
          document.write('<td style="background-color: #bde9ba;">' + key + '</td>');

      for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
        for (key in data[i]) {
          if (key != 'id') {
            if (key == 'url') {
              document.write('<td><a href="' + data[i][key] + '">' + data[i][key] + '</a></td>');
            else if (key == 'headline') {

              document.write('<td>' + data[i][key].text + '</td>');
            else {
              document.write('<td>' + data[i][key] + '</td>');

   //-commented-- Members1(data1);

What I have tried:

I tried passing values from function and declaring global variable
Updated 23-Jun-20 3:03am

1 solution

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Solution 1

HTML is actually a markup language which is received as static content and displayed as per the markup within it. It is not a programming language and does not have loops per se.

IF you are using a dynamic page populated by some server side technology (ASP.NET, PHP, etc) then the HTML is all generated on the server, so the client-side javascript will not be rendered for each item.
The best option if this is the case would be to just render the content out using that same server-side tech, something like this pseudocode
<% foreach (research r in orders) { %>
<%		foreach (key k in r) {
			if ( k!= "id" ) { %>
%>	</tr>

If your data is coming in via an AJAX/Javascript method, then you would call your function from the javascript return portion of your data gathering method
F-ES Sitecore 23-Jun-20 8:03am
I think he is using a templating framework (Django?), he just didn't mention it in the tags
Member 3564076 23-Jun-20 8:20am
Yes, Correct it is Django framework where trying to call from html to javascript function , in that function trying to pass parameter from html... how this can be done? iteration is just one iteration for a row or a value.
MadMyche 23-Jun-20 9:28am
You may want to look at the Django Built-in Cycle[^] functionality
Member 3564076 23-Jun-20 9:42am
That is already there in my code, inside cycle wanted to pass a value to tag so that that value(json data) can be parsed and created as a table format on HTML page.... any help on this ?

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