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I have a select statement in VB.NET as
Dim SQLString As String = "select JobNo as [Job No],Format(Date,'dd-MM-yyyy') as Date,Aluminium as [Aluminium] from actualcost"

I have a filter to search for a [Job No] between two given dates as follows.Its not working because of the
Format(Date,'dd-MM-yyyy') as Date
in the select statement. Its working fine if I use only Date without any format.

I can not use only Date as I want to see date as 'dd-MM-yyyy' in the gridview.

What I have tried:

dv.RowFilter = String.Format("Convert([Job No],'System.String') Like '%{0}%' AND Date >= '{1:dd-MM-yyyy}' AND Date <= '{2:dd-MM-yyyy}'", TextBox1.Text, DateTimePicker1.Value, DateTimePicker2.Value)
Updated 28-Jun-20 22:39pm
Richard MacCutchan 27-Jun-20 7:22am
Use your debugger to check the generated string.
Sree1981 28-Jun-20 16:15pm
I have solved the issue by formatting date with
DataGridView1.Columns("Date").DefaultCellStyle.Format = "dd-MM-yyyy"
and left the date as it is in the select statement.I hope the issue was "date converted into string".But I am really curious to know what change in dv.filter could have solved the issue with the same select statement?

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Solution 1

Date is a date, not its string representation! To get proper data, you need to use proper expression. See: DataColumn.Expression Property (System.Data) | Microsoft Docs[^]

So, use this:
dv.RowFilter = String.Format("Convert([Job No], 'System.String') Like '%{0}%' AND [Date] >= #{1}# AND [Date] <= #{2}#", TextBox1.Text, DateTimePicker1.Value, DateTimePicker2.Value)

In case, when your datasource holds string representation of date (in Date column), use this:
dv.RowFilter = String.Format("Convert([Job No], 'System.String') Like '%{0}%' AND Convert([Date], 'System.DateTime') >= #{1::dd-MM-yyyy}# AND Convert([Date], 'System.DateTime') <= #{2:dd-MM-yyyy}#", TextBox1.Text, DateTimePicker1.Value, DateTimePicker2.Value)
Sree1981 29-Jun-20 12:51pm
Sorry its not working.Error message is "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime" in both cases.
But when I replace the # with ' the first code is working.
Maciej Los 30-Jun-20 2:18am
Can you be so kind and provide sample data?
What's database?
Sree1981 30-Jun-20 12:32pm
Database is SQL Sever Management Studio v18.4 and coding in Visual Studio 2019.
Column names are JobNo(Data Type- int),ALuminium(Data Type- decimal(18, 3)) and Date(Data Type- date)
ID-------------JobNo ---------- Aluminium ------------ Date
6 -------------8325-------------50.000----------------2018-08-10
18 ----------- 8324-------------100.000---------------2015-02-01
19 ----------- 8324--------------75.000---------------2018-12-25
Maciej Los 30-Jun-20 16:43pm
If the format of date in your database is yyyyy-MM-dd, use this format to pass it to RowFilter function.
Sree1981 1-Jul-20 14:18pm
It makes me crazy...Its behaving differently when I change the regional format of PC.No method to keep one filter irrespective of date formats in PC,datetimepicker,dv and SQL?

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