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I have been asked by my boss to create a system to control tools being "borrowed" from a storage area, the idea is we capture the following info:

User ID
Tool ID
Date & time stamp

I then look up a list of user ID's and tool ID's, from there I populate who the user is and what too they have taken out. Same when they return the tool. The area is self-service and not manned.

Currently, I am doing this with Google Forms and Sheets, but the search api for sheets has limitations, mainly "lookup" returns junk data if the list is not sorted - if a tool has been taken out several times, there are a few entries and looking up the last person to take it is unreliable, despite trying many ways using the Google API calls.

So, since I already write PLC code in ST (very java-scripty) I thought why not create my own system based on a web page, HTML5 and Javascript - but I can't find a straightforward tool to create visual interactive web pages and write to blob files.

I have access to intranet storage, so can I create a stand alone system using web pages and build GUI's for the pages with any tool that's available for free online till I know it works? I don't have a webserver, I hoped to use a link to the webpage and have it store the blobs locally. Not a lot of data in the lists.

In the old days, I would have written a desktop app in VB but we are not allowed to use non-approved windows software applications in this company.

What I have tried:

Searched Google high and low, nothing seems straightforward - no access to a webserver to deploy this, I want it to work in similar fashion to a VB app - local file storage etc.
Updated 30-Jun-20 3:05am

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Solution 1

There are many places where you will find sample code and tutorials on creating Web pages. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials[^], ASP.NET | Open-source web framework for .NET[^] to mention just two.
Member 12258683 30-Jun-20 10:06am
Cheers - that's a great link. Really appreciated. Do you know of any IDE that is like VB6, visual drag n drop to create a GUI and code the actions with JS like I used to do in VB?
Richard MacCutchan 30-Jun-20 10:46am
Visual Studio from Microsoft is free and is probably what you need. I have not used it for web development but I assume is is as good as for desktop stuff.
Member 12258683 30-Jun-20 11:55am
Yeah I downloaded that already, not dug into it deeply but it looks nothing like the previous visual studio that they produced for VB, i.e. not drag and drop for graphical elements but I will give it a spin and see what's what. Ideally, I would like to have a toolbox of graphic elements, buttons, text boxes etc and then handle the code for events in JS myself, behind the scenes, cuts down the workload rather than coding every visual element in JS and also the handlers / events too.
Richard MacCutchan 30-Jun-20 12:20pm
VB was effectively killed off 20 years ago. Visual Studio has evolved considerably since then. And web applications are very different from VB6, although you can use VB.NET for the server side code.
Member 12258683 30-Jun-20 12:51pm
I know, my angle is that is what I know, and was used to a visual editor and not hand coding line by line for the actual user interface. Doesn't seem like a forward step to not have a visual WYSIWYG GUI creator...I know the web page is very different and I understand html, I'm trying to find a tool to create the user interface itself, that will also allow me to write JS behind it in the events for an element, in the same way that VB did, so I can create what looks like a windows application, that is actually local web page based. Does it make sense now. Maybe didn't explain well the first time.
Richard MacCutchan 30-Jun-20 13:01pm
Visual Studio has a visual editor which allows drag and drop of components onto your web page.
Member 12258683 30-Jun-20 13:30pm
Ok now you got me. I have hunted it inside out and can't find anything but a terminal type text editor on VS Code...I'll go googling on why that is or how to trigger it. And I'm no neophyte, I'm an engineer and I see no indication of a drag and drop editor in it. Just downloaded it today as well.
Richard MacCutchan 30-Jun-20 15:35pm
Yes, because Visual Studio Code is a different product altogether. You want Visual Studio : Visual Studio 2019 IDE - Programming Software for Windows[^].
Member 12258683 30-Jun-20 18:34pm
Richard, thanks so much. I feel like a complete plum, I was searching for VS and found VS Code, assuming that was the current version and wondered why I couldn't find the GUI builder.....jeez old age doesn't come alone eh.
Richard MacCutchan 5 days ago
"old age doesn't come alone"
Ha, ha. Tell me about it.

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