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I installed a chrome extension that may have had malware. The extension is called Fea KeyLogger. I didn't realize that it could be malware until after I installed it. I did a quick google search and found out that it was a bad extension that should have been removed from google. My question is can it have done something so that even when I removed it from chrome it can still steal my passwords and other info? Please help. And if this is a stupid question it is because I am only 13.

What I have tried:

Please answer soon. I dont know much about this.
Updated 30-Jun-20 7:41am

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This is the wrong place to ask: this site is about software development, not PC technical support.

But if you've installed a keylogger and used it, the first thing to do is find a clean computer and change every password you have, regardless of whether you think you used it while the logger was installed or not. Remember, some people use the same password for multiple sites, so if it's broken for one, it could be tried or used on another. Safer to kill them all.

Then go with the usual tools: malwarebytes, virus scanner. If you are a little paranoid, then restore from a recent backup for before you installed the extension. If you are a healthy amount paranoid, reformat the HDD and reinstall everything from scratch. Slightly excessive paranoia means driving a magnetic stake through the HDD's heart and replacing it as well. Completely excessive paranoia does the HDD / stake thing, and then burns the lappie / desktop at the stake to be on the safe side.

But start with the passwords and a clean computer first.
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[no name] 30-Jun-20 12:20pm    
Ok. But I dont have a pc. I have a chromebook. And I cant pay for malwarebytes.
Patrice T 30-Jun-20 12:29pm    
Use Improve question to update your question.
So that everyone can pay attention to this information.
MadMyche 30-Jun-20 14:47pm    
Check the Google Play store for the free version
[no name] 30-Jun-20 15:52pm    
Will that scan the browser or just the apps?
MadMyche 30-Jun-20 19:08pm    
Couldn't tell you; I recommend you read through their documentation to find out what it's capabilities are

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