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I'm trying to understand how can I replace or edit a key-value inside a JSON array
Basically i have a table called Bills this table contains a couple of column among them, there is a JSON-type column which contains an Array for the products or items in the current bill the array format is this:-

Array ( [0] => Array 
( [items] => [{"0": "1", "1": "o4", "2": "Efexor", "3": "Eklil", "4": "1", "5": "30", "6": "15", "7": "Phezer", "8": "Venlafaxine", "9": "", "10": "0", "11": "2020-03-25", "12": "2021-08-25", "13": "1", "14": "0", "15": "0", "16": "caps", "17": "..\\upload\\Efexor.jpg",

 "id": "1", "qty": "15", "Sale": "1", "name": "Efexor", "bonus": "0", "price": "30", "company": "Phezer", "draftid": "1", "discount": "0", "imageurl": "..\\upload\\Efexor.jpg", "ownedcom": "Eklil", "packsize": "0", "codenumber": "o4", "chemicalcom": "Venlafaxine", "dosage-form": "caps", "concentration": "", "expirationdate": "2021-08-25", "productiondate": "2020-03-25"},

so, as you can see the array contains items information like (name company..etc)
what I'm trying to do is replace a specific key-value like the Price key

What I have tried:

i tried to use some of JSON query like (JSON_search, JSON_replace,...others) so i created a class method to handle it :-

public function AlterJSON($item,$key,$newValue){
       if($this->connected === true){
               $JsonItems = $this->connection->prepare("UPDATE `bills`
               SET `items` = JSON_REPLACE(`items`, '$.name', ':value')
               WHERE JSON_CONTAINS(`items`, ':item', '$.name');");
               echo 'Value for The'.$key. 'Changed to'. $newValue;
           catch(PDOException $e){
               if($this->errors === true){
                   return $this->error($e->getMessage());
                   return false;
Updated 30-Jun-20 20:47pm

1 solution

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Solution 1

You havent posted what the issue with your code is .. 2 thoughts

1) you can do it this way, but it's dangerous - what if the JSON changes in some way, you could effectively corrupt it - I worked on a product that stored XML as a blob, but changes weren't made to the XML itself - a new versioned record was created .. which brings me to

2) the safest way is to read the correct record, extract the JSON column to a proper POCO (ie deserialise), perform any edits required, serialise, and update the entire column

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